Development Goals and Programs

The development goals and prospects of the Omrani group include exporting agricultural products to help our dear homeland economy and imports quality and with international standards.
Fixation as a pioneer in food and food products.
It was established as a lead and reliable brand in the market of tires , industrial , mining and agricultural tires.   
Gol star as a reliable brand leads brand in the market of riding and riding tires.
Innovation in providing distinctive services and services to enhance both customer`s satisfaction.
Increase group` s profitability to ensure sustainable growth.
Try to create optimal and maximum efficiency of the resources and funds of the group.
Entrepreneurship and help create sustainable employment in society.
Move to replace traditional solutions with the techniques of creative expression.
Use talented and talented human capital to solve potential problems.
Maintain professional ethics in different fields of work.
The reorganization and presentation of the group 's financial statements clearly as the introduction of entry and admission into the stock market and stock market.

The Omrani group includes five CIS companies including the following:
Nik Mehr Omrani company
Estehkam Gostar Omrani
Parsian Mahd of Persian gulf
Parse Mahd of Persian gulf
Pasargad Mahd of Persian gulf